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Dancing with Amal

In San Diego, one of the most visited tourist attractions is Balboa Park. I recently had the incredible opportunity to witness an extraordinary event that has been capturing hearts and spreading messages of hope around the globe – the journey of Little Amal. A 12ft puppet representing a 10-year-old Syrian refugee, Amal has been traveling across continents, weaving tales of resilience, compassion, and the shared human experience. As I arrived at the designated meeting point, I was greeted by a diverse crowd of people of all ages, races, and backgrounds. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation, and a palpable sense of unity hung in the air. Little did I know that the next hour would be filled with cultural celebrations, unexpected connections and occurrences, and a profound sense of shared humanity. The moment Amal started her journey, a large circle formed around her. As Amal moved forward, I witnessed something truly magical unfold – a wedding was taking place, and Amal seamlessly integrated herself into the joyous celebration. The bride and groom were joined by this symbolic figure, dancing to traditional Mexican music, creating a memory that would last a lifetime. Amal's journey continued, and soon, a ballet event emerged in her path. Ballet dancers took center stage, not only showcasing their art but inviting the crowd, including Amal, to join in. They proceeded to hold up large cards for the audience and ballet participants to view and instructed on eight moves that constitute a simple ballet dance. What followed was a beautiful display of unity as people from different walks of life, locals and visitors alike, danced alongside Amal, breaking down barriers and embracing the universal language of movement. These are just a few of the many activities that Amal did, and where the diverse crowd could interact and share their unique experiences with one another. As I engaged with those around me, a common sentiment emerged – Amal holds a special place in the hearts of the people who follow her journey. I spoke to individuals who had traveled across borders to be a part of Amal's story. Their enthusiasm was infectious, and they expressed that Amal's presence made them feel welcomed, providing a sense of unity and understanding in a world often divided by borders. Amidst the festive atmosphere and spontaneous interactions, it became evident that Amal serves as more than just a puppet on a journey; she embodies a powerful message of hope for displaced individuals worldwide, especially children separated from their families. The impact of Amal's travels is not just in the activities she participates in but in the connections forged, the conversations sparked, and the bridges built between communities that help us develop human refugee policies.

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