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"The power of place - It is not geography alone which determines the quality of life and culture. These depend upon the courage and personal culture of the individual who makes their home in any given locality."      
- Ralph Ellison


The mission of Reel Voices is to empower and uplift youth in our community by providing a platform for them to share their stories through the art of filmmaking. We aim to create a transformative space where young individuals can express their unique perspectives, experiences, and aspirations, fostering awareness and empathy among audiences. Reel Voices is dedicated to nurturing a generation of confident and visionary storytellers who have the courage to shape their world and make a lasting impact.


At Reel Voices, we firmly believe that every young person's voice deserves to be heard, acknowledged, and celebrated. We envision a world where youth voices are not only recognized but also embraced as catalysts for positive transformation. Through our filmmaking endeavors, we strive to be a driving force that empowers young storytellers to unleash their creativity and inspire meaningful dialogues about issues that matter to them and their communities

Milan Shah

Milan Shah is the founder of Reel Voices, a student-led storytelling film project that amplifies youth voices. He was first inspired by his interviews with high school students at the El Cajon Valley Community Center who have overcome immeasurable obstacles just to arrive in the United States. That experience combined with his work at several nonprofits in San Diego focused on serving refugees and vulnerable youth led him to combine his passion for film along with his pursuit to create a more equitable and inclusive community. Milan has created award-winning movies, is an ambassador for the UC San Diego Scholar Program, an iCivics fellow, and serves as the only youth member of the Human Relations Commission which advises the San Diego Mayor and City Council on inclusion.


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